Plückhahn, Plückhan, Pleckham, Plueckhahn, Plueckhan, Pluckhahn, Pluckhan, Pflückhahn, Plikuhn, Plüghan, Pluckhorn, Pflueckhahn & Pflueckhan Familie Archiv

About Us

We are a group of volunteers who wants to preserve the history of the descendents of Plückhahn.Trying to KEEP OUR PAST FRESH AND ALIVE.

Mission Statement

  • To create a place to preserve family documents and history.
  • To create a place where family members can stay in touch and learn the current accomplishments of family members of today
  • To connect all the branches in the Plückhahn Family Tree
  • To create a place where our history is presented in an educational and fun environment

The content on this site is the hard work of many family volunteers. We thank them all for collaborating and contributing to our collection of historical knowledge.

The credits to our volunteers are documented in our Family library. Each document received is carefully recorded and credited to the individual sending it in.