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Plückhahn 2010

Familientreffen / Family Re-union

August 4-6, 2010 Berlin, Germany

Our family records date back to the 1600’s, where the Plückhahn families lived and flourished in northern Germany. In the 1800’s hardships took hold and forced many families to leave their homeland. Some migrated to Australia and the United States, while others migrated to other parts of Europe.

In 1999 a website was introduced ( changed from This site was for the descendents of the family Plückhahn. Over the past ten years many family members have communicated with each other and shared their family’s history. Some have changed the spelling of their family name (Plückhan, Pleckham, Plueckhahn, Pluckhan, Pluckhahn, Pflückhahn, Plikuhn, Plüghan, Pluckhorn).The recording of the Plückhahn Family Tree continues to be an ongoing project. Also in progress is the event that will bring all of the descendents of the Plückhahn Family together for the second time since the1600s.

In 2005 our first reunion took place in New York City. Plückhahns from around the world came together to form a wonderful event. Now it’s Germany’s turn. The Plückhahn 2010 World Family Re-union will take place Aug 4-6, 2010 in Berlin. Five countries will be represented (Germany, United States, Australia, Canada and France). This will be the first time for many to meet other with the same family name from different countries.

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